Hi My name is Chris Baigorri

I have been a professionally employed web developer since 1999, working on award winning projects of all sizes; from globally recognized enterprise level to local basic one page sites. I am passionate about my craft and continue to hone my skills in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP while learning and experimenting with new technologies in my spare time.

Checking out the outfield bar #letsgobluejays @ Rogers Centre http://t.co/WzGAMZnOxE

9 days ago

Stanley in the meeting room #replica #nothappeningthisyear #leafs http://t.co/ms6YacUtt1

22 days ago

Volunteer Point #penguins #latergram http://t.co/itZMuhWY1s

32 days ago

More lemon pledge http://t.co/bwsVYnHAH6

56 days ago

Tacu tacu con salsa criola @petits_pieds #peruvianfood http://t.co/N1BPQlmQf3

77 days ago

Create useful .gitignore files for your project http://t.co/UY7jCb5krU #git

100 days ago

"No one reads a comic strip because it's drawn well" good read http://t.co/RHigj1RT0G

113 days ago

#sublimetext #tip: set trim_trailing_white_space_on_save: true in your preferences

122 days ago

I downloaded .net magazine for free @torontolibrary #TPLereads

148 days ago

New NHLien - "Weekend at Bernier's" http://t.co/srbz2YDR9F

211 days ago

"Custom Elements: Defining new elements in HTML - HTML5 Rocks" good read http://t.co/O8CSmVzdKd

233 days ago

Never getting another membership at a big box gym.

295 days ago

Lets go Jays! #comebacktime http://t.co/9Ik2T5F0L8

328 days ago